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I was lucky to have my mother teach me to knit when I was four years old. This led to a lifetime of all the rewards knitting brings. (See Ten Reasons to Knit in our Knitting Tips section.)

At KnittingGuru I use my lifetime of knitting and crochet expertise to answer your questions. In addition, my previous work and learning experiences include a masters degree in library science, a career as an educator, and the raising of three accomplished children. All of these experiences inform my responses to your questions at the Ask the Guru section. My practical knitting experience is supplemented by my research skills, so that I will be able to guide you to books, knitting magazines, and knitting sites for advanced study of your topics.

On most of the Internet knitting groups and forums, questions people ask are met with many conflicting answers. This often leaves the questioner more confused than ever. The goal of the KnittingGuru site is to answer your knitting questions as fully as possible.

I have knit for my family and for hundreds of customers. KnittingGuru reaches out beyond my local students to bring knitting skills and knowledge to the on-line knitting community. I strive to bring the peace and wisdom of Yoga to your knitting, along with technical expertise and creative designs. Send your knitting questions to the KnittingGuru and see answers in the Knitting Tips section.

I look forward to hearing from you!