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Bags Made From Knitting Swatches

  • Change Purse, Makeup Kit, or Kintting Gadget Bag
    Take two squares. Attach a zipper. Sew the other three sides together. Line the bag if you like.
  • Shoulder Bag or Tote Bag
    Sew or crochet four, six, or eight squares together. Do this a second time with the same number of squares. Over-dye these two pieces if needed to produce a pleasing fabric. Sew three sides together, adding a zipper, snap fastener, velcro, or button and loop to the top of the bag. Line the bag for extra strength. Add a shoulder strap or handles.
  • Eyeglass or Sunglasses Case
    Crochet or knit borders around a swatch to make an oblong approximately 5 inches by 6 inches. Fold in half vertically and sew side and bottom. Line if necessary to make a firm bag. You can add a strap if you want to wear it around your neck and you might apply embroidery or beads for a dressier case.
  • Cell Phone or I-Pod Case
    Using the above directions for an eyeglass case, you can make a cell phone, or I-Pod case. Hem the swatch as necessary to make a case that fits your particular phone or I-Pod.
  • I hope you get to try one or more of these little bags. Of course, they can be made from squares you knit that are not swatches, also. That way you can save your swatches to keep a record of your knitting for future reference. A good way to identify and organize those swatches is with our Knitting Swatch Cards.

    Next week we will be giving you more ideas for using swatches in our Knitting Tips.