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Bamboo Knitting Needles - Pros & Cons

Bamboo knitting needles have many of the positive qualities of wooden needles, but don't slow you down as much. They are very light weight. Different manufacturers produce these needles with variations in their tips and ends. The shape of the tip is quite important in terms of your ability to grab the stitches as you transfer them from one needle to another. This is a matter of personal preference and of the yarn you are using.

There are many companies making bamboo needles such as Crystal Palace and Clover. These needles are exceptionally beautiful and, for those of you who care, their manufacture is probably the least harmful to the environment.

I love to knit socks for myself and my family. (No, they will never be for sale on this website, unless someone out there wants to spend over $100 per pair!) My favorite needles for knitting socks, or gloves, are the short bamboo double pointed needles that are only about 6 inches long. I find they fit just right in my hands and allow me to speedily manipulate 5 needles at a time. There is one downside to these needles, however. In sizes 0 to 2, which is what I use for socks, they really do tend to break. They just snap! I buy them anyway because I love them so, but it is an added expense.

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