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Casein Knitting Needles - Pros & Cons

Casein knitting needles are made from milk protein. They have similar qualities to plastic needles. They are very beautiful, and are made in tortoiseshell or pearly colors. I am told that they taste bad, but I cannot verify this since I don't chew or suck on my knitting needles! If you do, you might want to stay away.

There are also rumors that these needles melt in the sunshine and that cats like to eat them. I have no experience with this since I don't keep any of my needles in direct sunlight because it fades them, and I don't have a cat, either.

The company that makes these needles is called Swallow and they are located in Australia. There are many distributers in the US, however, and I am sure they can be bought in most other countries. Check your yarn store or the internet to find a supplier.

The points of these needles are short and blunt. Some people like this and some don't. As always, it often depends on what you are knitting and how you use your needles. An added plus for those who knit lots of small projects such as scarves is that Casein needles come in a 9 inch size as well as longer sizes. This can be really handy for times when you are turning the knitting frequently because the needles stay out of your way.

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