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Hand Knitting Design Guides

  • Knitting Without Tears - Elizabeth Zimmermann
    (What can I say? This book changed my life. I'd been knitting for years before I saw it, but this book gave me the courage to design my own sweaters, rather than just alter others' patterns. I almost put this onto the general knitting list, but I think it really belongs in the design guide category.)

  • Designing Knitwear - Deborah Newton
    (A revelation and an inspiration.)

  • Knitted Embellishment - Nicky Epstein
    (Also look at all her other books - I'm putting this in the design category because by using her imaginative ideas as an inspiration, you will be designing your own knitwear)

  • The Mary Thomas and Ida Riley Duncan books also belong here because they give you much more than just patterns. They teach you to design your own.

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