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Machine Knitting Books

This is strictly a beginning list. There are tons of machine knitting publications. Since most knitting machine companies have gone out of business (alas!), most of the books are old and you may need to search on Ebay and Yahoo machine knitting groups to find them. I would stay away from some of the self-published, spiral-bound books at first. Some of them are not very well written and often have outdated styles. The following are trustworthy and some of them are downright amazing:

  • Knitting Techniques Book - Brother
    (This is very clear and helpful for beginners.)

  • Knitting Machine Workbook #1- Basic Techniques - Tami Nobuki
    (Also look at her other three books)

  • Machine Knitters Handbook - Hazel Pope
    (A very useful introduction.)

  • Machine Knitting Technology & Patterns - Mary Weaver
    (This is a big and comprehensive guide.)

  • Fashion Knit Course Outline for Hand Knitting Machines - Regine Faust
    (Also look at her other books. The one on Tuck Stitch is exceptional. This woman was/is an incredible designer and a teriffic writer.)

  • Hand-Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters - Susan Guagliumi
    (This is the newest book on the list and is just great. It presents a very creative use of the knitting loom.)

  • Techniques in Machine Knitting - Kathleen Kinder
    (You'll learn something on every page.)

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