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Miscellaneous, But Too Good To Miss

These books are historical/anthropological. If you love knitting, you'll definitely want to own them:

  • Knitting in America - Melanie Falick
    (This big coffeetable book is full of inspiration for the knitting life.)

  • A History of Handknitting - Richard Rutt
    (This is a wonderful history book about our mutual obsession, and so interesting.)

  • No Idle Hands - Anne L. Macdonald
    (Knitting back in the day. This may help those who keep on saying "It's not your Mother's knitting". WHY do they say that? Our mothers were GREAT knitters. The new generation most definitely did not invent knitting although I will admit they sometimes knit some very unusual things. Also, I do want to make clear that I strongly encourage all new knitters. In fact, many of my knitting kits are aimed at new knitters. Just, let's have some respect here, OK?)

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