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Specific Hand Knitting Technique Books

  • The Art of Fair Isle Knitting - Ann Feitelson
    (This is a gorgeous and informative book. You will want to start knitting as soon as you see it.)

  • Fair Isle Knitting - Sarah Don
    (This is a practical and helpful little book.)

  • A Gathering of Lace - Meg Swanson
    (This is beautiful, as are all other books by Meg Swanson.)

  • First Book of Modern Lace Knitting - Marianne Kinzel
    (Take a look also the Second Book, too. Both have amazing designs and are clearly written.)

  • Scandinavian Knitting Designs - Pauline Chatterton
    (This big book has a wealth of information and patterns.)

  • Knitting in the Nordic Tradition - Vibeke Lind
    (This is great for history and patterns.)
    I have left out Alice Starmore's incredible book of Fair Isle Knitting because it is out-of-print and almost impossible to find. It also costs about $200 if you do find one.

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