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More Uses For Swatches

  • Scarf
    Crochet wool and wool blend swatches together to make a scarf. Try crocheting bright colored swatches together with black yarn for a stained glass effect.
  • Hat
    Sew swatches together to fit around your head. Pick up stitches on one long end and work evenly spaced decreases to knit the crown of a hat. Pick up stitches on the other long end and work a k1, p1 rib for desired length. Sew back seam. What an original hat you have!
  • Patch Pockets
    Use the swatch you made for your sweater for a patch pocket. Maybe make another one so you have two pockets.
  • Custom Shoulder Pads
    Fold swatches in half diagonally and overcast the two open sides to make shoulder pads for your sweater. Use swatches from the same yarn as the sweater for a custom made look.
  • Potholder
    For cotton swatches, crochet around the edges until you have a size you like for a potholder. Add a loop if you wish to hang your potholder up.
  • Hot Pad
    Sew two cotton swatches together one on top of another. Crochet or knit an edging. You have made a great hot pad for your kitchen or dining room.
  • Pincushion
    Sew two densely knitted swatches together on three sides. Stuff with cotton or polyester fiber. Sew the fourth side. Add embroidery or perhaps beads to the outer edges. This makes a nifty pincushion to hold the long pins you need for blocking knits or sewing sweater pieces together.
  • Pillow
    Sew or crochet groups of patches together as for tote bag we discussed last week. Stuff with a down or polyester form to make a throw pillow for your couch.
  • Retro-Look Vest
    Crochet swatches of similar fibers and coordinating colors together to make a unique retro-look vest with crocheted edges, and ties or button and loop closures.
  • I hope you find some ideas you can use here. Be sure you save yarn and a photo of your project to keep for your knitting records. Identify and organize those records with our Knitting Swatch Cards.

    Look for new Knitting Tips next week.