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Plastic Knitting Needles - Pros & Cons

Plastic knitting needles are lightweight, smooth, and flexible. They are warm in the hands because they assume your body temperature after a bit of knitting. Their flexibility means that they are subject to warping. This may or may not bother you.

Some plastic needles made by the Pony Company have a flexible metal core running through them to strengthen them. This was done because older plastic knitting needles did tend to break, especially the thinner ones.

Bryspun makes a white plastic needle that has a concave tip that some people like for its ability to grab stitches effectively. This tip works well for some yarns, but tends to split other yarns, in my experience.

Some plastic needles come in great colors. Pony Pearls come in iridescent marbleized pastel colors. Online auctions sometimes offer vintage Australian needles made by Patons in beautiful, bright primary colors. I just want to warn you that the thinner ones do break. I found this out by personal experience, unfortunately. However, they are just gorgeous needles and have wonderful tops, so you may want to indulge your collecting habit by getting some. Just avoid sizes 0 through 3.

A final word: Plastic knitting needles are probably what you want to get if you do a lot of knitting with really big needles. From size 11 on up, most of us prefer plastic needles because they are so much lighter than others.

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