Learn to knit for pleasure, relaxation, meditation...

Knitting Tips Week #1: Ten Reasons to Knit

1. Relaxation/Meditation

You will find that the rhythm and orderliness of knitting can put you into a state of extreme relaxation. By repeating the stitches you are doing in your mind, a meditative state is easily reached. You may find yourself coming away from a knitting session in the same state as when you finish a yoga class.

2. Creative satisfaction

You need not be a slave to written instructions. Even beginning knitters can vary colors and textures, as well as stitches and dimensions to create something that is truly their own design.

3. Mental health

Knitting takes you away from the daily pressures and allows you some quiet time to process your day. The relaxing effect of knitting reduces stress and anxiety.

4. Inexpensive high fashion

Even using the most expensive luxury yarns is a bargain compared to buying couture garments. You can search stores and the Internet to find great buys on yarn that will let you make high fashion clothing at low prices.

5. Gifts for family and friends

There is nothing so personal as a gift you knit for someone you love. It can be customized to perfectly fit the shape and taste of the person. Most people truly value the effort and craft that go into making a beautiful sweater, hat, or scarf.

6. Visual and tactile pleasure

Knitting is a very sensuous activity which provides the wonderful feel of yarn sliding through your fingers and beautiful knitting needles. It also allows you to feast your eyes on your work as it develops in your hands. This gives a great sense of pleasure.

7. Mathematical challenge

When you decide to alter the size or pattern of a design you will need to employ mathematical knowledge. Designing your own garments requires even more mathematics to be successful.

8. Perfect fitting clothing

Say goodbye to too long or short sleeves, necklines that gape, or incorrect garment length. When you knit it yourself, you are assured of perfect fit.

9. Intellectual stimulation

While knitting can be relaxing and meditative, it can also be intellectually stimulating according to what you are making. I always like to read or watch movies when I am doing garter stitch or stockinette. When I want more stimulation, I knit textured patterns, lace, or multicolored items.

10. Long lasting legacy

My daughter still wears one of the first sweaters I ever knit. I made it when I was 16 - an orange wool cardigan with a knit in vertical stripe pattern. It looks just as good today as the day I finished it many years ago.

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