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Knitting Tip: Recommended Knitting Books

This is a huge topic. There has always been such a large number of knitting books available. We will have to divide this list into categories and I will deal with each category on a different page. I'm sure there are many great books that are not on this list -- I only have so much space and therefore must leave some favorites off the list. However, there are many new books that have been flooding the market with dubious patterns and questionable taste. I will not be discussing those here. Well, here goes with my categories:
  • General Hand Knitting Books
  • Specific Hand Knitting Technique Books
  • Hand Knitting Design Guides
  • Stitch Pattern Books
  • Great Books on Color in Knitting
  • Machine Knitting Books (which could also be subdivided, but I won't do it for now)
  • Miscellaneous, But Too Good To Miss

  • I hope this list is a good start for everyone. If I omitted one of your favorite books, please email me and let me know what it is and why you love it. Please check back next week for a continuation of the Bobble Question or How to Make a Better Bobble. Also, check our Knitting Tip Archives for more helpful Knitting Tips from the Guru.