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Knitting Tip: How to Launder Hand Knits

There are many factors and procedures to consider when you go about laundering your handknits. Of course, you can dry clean most, though not all, knits. But who wants to go to that expense and who wants to wear clothing that has been subjected to deadly chemicals? If you are talking about a lined coat or a garment that incorporates leather you will probably have to use your dry cleaner, but for other knits, nothing beats hand washing. Many fibers are now made to be machine washed, too, but we will be discussing some cautions to use when using your washing machine. The topics below are listed sequentially, so please click on them in order lest you miss an important step in the laundering process.

  • Checking for Fiber Content

  • Hand vs Machine Washing

  • Hand Washing Techniques

  • Rinsing and Removing Excess Water

  • Drying Your Garment

    A Final Thought:

    This whole process is actually easier than it sounds and will result in many years of happy wear. I actually have a few sweaters that I knit when I was in high school. My daughter and I still wear them - and she graduated from college a couple of years ago!

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