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Knitting Tips: Casting on and Binding Off Loosely

Why Cast on Loosely?

The reason it is important that you Cast On loosely is so that your edges are not unacceptably tight and uncomfortable. Here are three ways to ensure that your cast on edges are loose enough.

Why Bind Off Loosely?

This is especially crucial when Binding Off for a neckline. If you Bind Off tightly you may not be able to get a crew neck or turtleneck over your head. Also, if you are knitting from the top down, you need to Bind Off loosely so that your hems and sleeve edges are not uncomfortably tight. To Bind Off loosely, try one of these suggestions.

Of course, since knitting is one of the oldest crafts, with samples going back to prehistoric times, there are many more ways of Casting On and Binding Off. There are also innumerable knitting books, journals, and online sources for finding other methods. Here is a list of a few of my favorites which you might want to check out of the library or buy:

  • Big Book of Knitting by Katherina Buss

  • Knitter's Handbook by Montse Stanley

  • Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book

  • Mary Thomas's Knitting Book by Mary Thomas
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